Winners exhibition | 21st edition of the Popular and Traditional Art contest, Morelos 2021

Winners exhibition | 21st edition of the Popular and Traditional Art contest, Morelos 2021

Inauguration of the Winners of the XXI edition of the “Popular and Traditional Art Contest, Morelos 2021” exhibition, showing the 28 awarded works of popular art.

No transformable material has been overlooked by creators, artists, human ingenuity and imagination. The soft ones such as textiles, those from leaves and natural fibers, the hard ones like stone, others more malleable such as clay and ceramics, those coming from the work of insects such as wax, not to mention glass and even metals such as silver, all have been bent by imagination and creativity, by the hands of artists and craftsmen, creators of beauty, symbols and continuators of traditions, in some cases, heirs of several generations, in other new ones who discover their way as creators .

The productive processes carried out in the various communities of the state of Morelos are part of the daily life of popular artists.

The Morelos artisans through the use of materials provided by nature, such as clay, wool, cotton, wood, wax, stone and fibers, create wonderful works that give us identity as a people, as state.

In this twenty-first edition of the popular and traditional art contest, we had the participation of 58 female artisans and 66 male artisans from 20 Morelos municipalities: Atlatlahucan, Axochiapan, Ayala, Coatlán del Río, Cuautla, Cuernavaca, and Huitzilac.

In addition to Hueyapan, Jantetelco, Jiutepec, Jojutla, Temixco, Tepoztlán, Tlayacapan, Totolapan, Xoxocotla, Yautepec, Yecapixtla, Zacatepec, and Zacualpan de Amilpas.

The 124 works were registered in the following categories: Lead-free pottery and ceramics; Woolen and cotton textiles made on a loom; Cardboard and shredded paper laying; Wood carving; traditional chandlery; Stonework and lapidary; and Miscellaneous, such as natural fibers, jewelry, fused glass, miniature, feather art, etc.

The popular and traditional art contest contributes to the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage of the state of Morelos.